9/28/2017 Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

What's up? I just came back from my first van experience. Two weeks on wheels went super fast and the next adventures are already written down on my calendar. I bought my van just a couple of days before I left and I was pretty nervous if Masa will make it back to Sydney in one piece. Roadside assistance helped us get back on track one time, but otherwise, I’m really proud of Masa, my lovely van.

But as #vanlife is really trending at the moment and the of whole Instagram is filled with fabulous photos from the road I thought it would be fun to share the other side of this lifestyle, the less glamorous one. Here are five things which made me miss the more traditional way of living…

A hot shower is a luxury

I shower twice a day pretty much every day and I can’t handle any dirtyness at all. Public toilets are fine and during the two weeks I didn’t have any problems when it comes toilets but showers are another story. Australia is full of public showers too, all of them located on the beach so showering after the refreshing swim wasn’t a problem.

Every morning I dragged all my beauty products to public shower and washed my hair while several eyes were staring at me. And when it comes to shaving… or not shaving, that’s another story :D

No sleeping in

When the sun rises you wake up straight away,  if not because of the light, it’s because of the heat. And the sun rises at 5am just to mention. Sun is not the only reason though, sleeping in your car is illegal in Australia and some fellow van life people gave me a tip on my first night and the first one was to get up before the cops come.

Homeless feeling

I’m happy that I had friends to travel with almost the whole time. One night I arrived in Brisbane really late, it was already dark and I had been in the city only once before and that was a really short visit. I ended up sleeping on the side of a road and after a really light sleep, I walked to a hostel on the other side of the road to shower in the morning.

Living in your van is an amazing and cheap way to see places but after this experience, I spent some extra time to find some cool spots where to sleep.

Spending money on food & coffee just to charge phone & computer

As Masa is an old car without any luxuries the only way to charge my phone is to drive around. Those days when I don’t drive long distances the only way to charge my phone and computer is to spend money at cafes and restaurants. This is not particularly the most unglamorous thing though, electricity was just one of the things I missed the most on the road.

Meal prepping at public BBQ spots

Public BBQ spots are really popular in Australia and I have used them before with my friends. It's all fun and games before you have to go there alone to meal prep your next weeks lunches. After cooking you go to one of those public toilets to wash your dishes haha :D

I guess these things are just things I need to get used to. There's nothing better than wake up on the beach and go for a morning swim right away like we did last weekend.

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