6/18/2017 Melbourne Victoria, Australia

...according to someone who has been there for four days.

If I could choose again where I would move to Australia I would maybe choose Melbourne over Sydney. Even though there are several coastal walks right next to my home in Sydney and at least twenty beautiful beaches within a couple of kilometers I fell in love with Melbourne. And so did my friend Ruby who used to live in Sydney before leaving to her travels. 

Europe in Australia

I've found myself missing Europe so many times while being down under. It's Old buildings, culture, cute cafes and cool design are things I found really hard to find in Sydney. When I went to Melbourne it felt like Europe. All my Australian friends keep saying the same so I can't be wrong in this one. 

People have cool styles

In Sydney, winter style consists of a t-shirt, shorts, flip flops and winter coat. Australians are really active and they love to hike and do other stuff outside on their free time and you can see that on their style. I used to be a girl who wears floral dresses, frills and a lot of colorful clothes. Here I found myself always choosing something more simple and mostly black. 

Compared to Sydney, Melbourne people have so much more unique styles. Every person in Fitzroy could have been photographed to Stockholm Streetstyle.

Trams and short distances

Personally, I love to travel with trams. In Helsinki, I would always choose tram over bus or train even though it would take three times longer. In Melbourne, you can easily travel across the city with a tram or if you're not in a hurry you can choose to walk and it doesn't take 3 hours to get to the destination like in Sydney.

Events everywhere

According to all my friend who live in Melbourne, there is always something going on. Food festivals, markets, open air parties, parades and the list goes on.

Food and coffee

I have literally eaten so much lately and in Melbourne things got out of the control. I wanted to try every cafe, bistro and brunch place in every corner. There are a lot of good and unique restaurants around the city and if you happen to be vegetarian or vegan it's even better. Before my trip I heard a lot of good stories about coffee in Melbourne and yasss, it was so amazing. Can't wait to be back in a month.

Photos: Mette Kortelainen

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