Long time no see blog. A lot has happened since I last time wrote here. Sydney is no longer enjoying heat waves and sandals have changed into boots. Instead of going to the beach I've spent my days on the markets, wandering around the malls or sitting on the bus stops looking for interesting faces.

Couple weeks ago something unexpected happened but as my mom told me everything happens for a reason and every cloud has a silver lining. And for sure it happened and this time lining was more gold than silver. I decided to become a freelance scout and already couple days after this decision I was sitting in a meeting with one of the agencies I've always wanted to work for.

My friends have asked me so many times that why I found scouting so interesting. They have had some difficulties to understand why I want to spend my days sitting in a park or market or walking around busy mall. But it's not about those hours spent wandering around, it's about finding someone who you are really excited about. For me it's not about finding as many girls as possible, it's finding the ones who have a lot of potential to be successful models.

Since I got interested in modeling world scouting stories have been my favorites. I've spent hours and hours of reading interviews and stories of other scouts and models. It's fascinating how you can change someone's life and those reactions when they get signed are making me extremely happy.

Scouting has been for a while something I've wanted to put all my effort and time. When I moved here my plan was to work but also to experience amazing Australia. During these last couple months down under I've noticed how many beautiful and potential girls there are and I'm happy to be able to scout also outside Sydney within the next couple months.

This will be the place where I share my thoughts from the road and also a small gallery of the work my amazing models have done.

x Elina

photo: Sarianne Solio

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